This game has been canceled. I'm not thinking realease new updates for this game, so please don't expect for futures updates. I'm sorry if this cause any trouble for anyone

Este juego ha sido cancelado. No pienso lanzar nuevas actualizaciones para este juego, asi que por favor no esperen nuevas actualizaciones. Lamento si esto le causo molestia a alguien.
New Patch v 0.20.672


-Cinematic introduction has been reduced and changed

-Text size  in the introduction has been increased for a better reading

-Botton  in introduction to start the game has been changed for a arrow

-Music added to the main game menu

-Credits has been slightly modified

-Recharge has been aded to the player's weapon

-Added a temporary image showing current player's ammo.

-Now common enemies need more than one bullet to be defeated

-Text in the instructions menu has been slightly incremented

-Disabled the "holdButton" to fire, now you have to press the key to fire the weapon again

-New sound added to the weapon when you run out of bullets and try to fire

-Now initial spawn time for "runner"(the faster enemy) has been increased

-Slightly increase the player's weapon firerate

-Slightly reduced enemies spawn quantity and slightly increased the time for them to spawn again.


-Fixed a bug in the sound of the weapon been fire preventing to be played at the right time

-Fixed a bad typed  instruction in the instructions menu

-Fixed music from the main menu been looping every time the player enters in a menu like credits or instructions and then return to the main menu asda

-Fixed introduction menu been overwrited in the same place as the start button

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